Our Donors

The Niskayuna Community Foundation extends our sincerest gratitude to the supporters listed below. We have made every effort to list donors accurately and according to their wishes. If you see an error in our donor lists, please notify us at info@niskayunacf.org.


The Power of Many

Thank you to the donors who contributed to funds of the Niskayuna Community Foundation between September 30, 2017 and October 1, 2018. 


Pillars of the Community $10,000 +
Cindy and Duane Ball
Kathy and Jack Crowe
Estate of Ms. Harriet F. Wall
Philanthropists $5,000 – $9,999
GE Foundation
Nancy Hershey, Hershey Family Fund of CFGCR
Lamplighters $2,500 – $4,999
Neil and Jane Golub
Isabelle and Briggs McAndrews
Bridge Builders $1,000 – $2,499
Carol Hyde and Sanjay Correa
Robert B. Hamilton, III
Susan and Douglas Lohnas
Betty L. and John A. McKinney
Nan and Hugh Murphy
Michelle Ostrelich & Howard Schlossberg
Anne and Walt Robb
Marti and Austin Spang
Virginia and Fred Thompson
Gate Keepers $500 – $999
Betty Apkarian
Dr. Michael and Linda Breault
Dr. Nancy Fitzroy
Wally Graham
Nancy and Alan Hickenbottom
Susanne and Gene Kimura
Denise and Bill Leader
Donna McAndrews and Michael Pippa
Molino & Vaccaro Dentistry
Debby and Michael Mullaney
Niskayuna Central School District
Mr. James S. Pennington III
Julie and Steve Weitz
Dr. Frederick and Shannon Wetzel
Stepping Stones $250 – $499
Mr. Peter M. Aliferis
Anne and Eric Aronowitz
Marlene and Dick Breault
Susan and Michael Burke
Margaret Bean and Glenn Busby
Kathy and Ed Carangelo
The Dell Family
Chris and Don DeLuke
Debbie and Bob DeLuke, DDS
Susan and John Fenaroli
Betty and Richard Ferencik
Gerstenbluth Family
Edwin & Laura Graham
Kathy and John Greenthal
Ms. Amelia Hajjar
Karen Huggins
Janette and Edward King
Sharon and Charles Maneri
Niskayuna Teachers Association
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Polsinelli
Dr. Brian Rush
Lynn D. Schnell
The Spraragen Family
Mathew and Kimberly Tully
Carol and Vincent Valenza
Friend $100 – $249
Mr. Scott R. Almas and Ms. Risa Legg
Phyllis and Frank Barbera
Ronnie and Jim Blendell
Ms. Lynn Boler
Erika and Mike Bowman
Mr. George K. Brown
Sandra and Jim Buhrmaster
Dr. Andrew Burns
Tracy and Chris Cazer
Margaret and Mark Corey
Rabbi Matt and Sharon Cutler
Bonnie and Bill Daggett
Mr. and Mrs. David Deeb
DeLuke Orthodontics, PC
Mr. Vincent DePasquale
Michael DePetrillo and Lillian Bertalan
Colleen and Christopher Dibble
Mr. and Mrs. Alain Diebold
Celine Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Eric I. Engelmyer
Kate and Kelly Evanoff
Martin S. Finn, Esq.
Jo Freedman
Phyllis and David Fusco
Betsy & Jeffrey Galginaitis
H. Ghiradella
Millie and Clark Gittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Gleba
Victoria and John Gold, MD
Debbie and Brian Gordon
Dr. Michael and Cindy Grau
Mr. James Greenthal
Ms. Kate Greenthal
Rich Holt
The Irani Family
Josephine and Dominick Izzo
Rosemarie and Grant Jaquith
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keats
Kathleen and Jonathan Kemp
Maria and Larry Krause
Anne Lagan
Kathleen and Timothy Lederach
Tina Lee and Jon Lemelin
Deborah Leupold
Rosalind and Charles Lind
Ms. Katharine Lowe
Kay and Mike MacLaury
Italo Massaroni
Mr. Dwayne McDuffie
Dina and Dan McManus
Robin and Bill McPartlon
Peggy and Rick Mele
Jennifer Regan and Sean Moran
The Murphy Family
Janet D. O’Farrell
Joann and Carl Paulsen
Sue Penny
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Philbrick
Ms. Jill Polk
Karen and Dennis Quinn
R. Tanfield Lumber & Veneer Co.
Sandy and Fred Kaplan
Helen and Robert Salamone
Margaret Schadler
Dawn and Brian Schlaks
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Schultheis
Allison Schultz and Cliff Rohde
Susan L. Schwarz
Sciocchetti Family
Cynthia and Herb Shultz
Jeanne and Peter Sosnow
Dr. Jayne Steubing and David Wagner
Deb and Dart Strayer
Dr. and Mrs. James Strosberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tamoschat
Mr. Francis R. Taormina
Mrs. Joan Terwilliger
Sally Thomas-Eggers
David Tieman
Emily and Tom Titsworth
Kathryn and Louis Tomaino
US Charitable Gift Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John Viertl
Joshua Vinciguerra and Margaret Rush Vinciguerra
Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
Supporter $50 – $99
Jacqueline J. Albanese
Jan Olin Altschuller
Fran and Mark Aronowitz
Bonnie and Robert Bailey
Paula M. Barbaruolo
Therese Assalian and Michael Barberich
Dr. Kevin and Lark Baughman
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Bertsch
Vincent Bianchi
Mary J. Burns
Carol M. Cascio
The Connell Family
Rudolph A. Dehn
Linda and Thomas Feist
Yvette and Alan Gebell
Greene Family
Mary Groff Olsen
Mary Ellen and Hank Haase
Kathy & Richard Hoskinson
John B. Hudson
Paul Hurteau
Sally Arnds Willette and Hugo Irizarry-Quinones
Mr. and Mrs. Dugald C. Jackson IV
Steven Karp
Doris and Paul Kirchner
Barbara M. Landon
Lisa Leary
Mary and Michael Mahony
Paddi and Gerard McGrinder
The Mesbahi Family
Mary and Joel Neufeld
Niskayuna High School
Laurel Winegar and Gary Paslow
Sarah and Justin Pechar
Honorable and Mrs. Vincent J. Reilly Jr.
Hanft/Rosenthal Family
Ronald Scharf and Robin Lippman-Scharf
Donna and Bob Schick
Barb Lapidus and Carl Snyder
Syed for Supervisor
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thorne
Debbie and John Toy
Beth and Ken Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Weber
Christine and William Williams
Vicki and John Wyld
Ellen Yu
Sue and Gene Zeltmann
Up to $49
Joan and Gary Adelson
Joyce M. Beckley
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Belardo
Douglas M. Bennett
Susan A. Braidwood
Sharon and Richard Chu
Stuart E. Cohen
Darsinos Family
Daviero Family
Ms. Marybelle J. Gemmell
James Gorgos
Cynthia W. Hamilton
Diane and Jim Harrington
Lisa Hartman
David Hudson
Janet and Larry Kaufmann
M & E Kellish
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kitzman
Thomas C. Lewis
Alvin Magid
Mr. Jonathan Marr and Mrs. Rachel Sterne-Marr
Sue Murphy and Steve Seminer
Connie and Denis Nadas
Elaine and Richard Ognibene
Kay Opdyke
Kathleen and David Putz
Kim McClive-Reed and Andy Reed
Assemblyman Jim Tedisco
Marian and Hutch Tibbetts
Barb and Dan Trask
Ruth Turner
Thomas and Susan Van Wert
Maureen Versaci
The Waskiewicz Family
Karen and Jared Wells
Susan and Fred Wheeler
Susan and Benjamin Whitaker
Sylvia and Herbert B. Winer
Ann and Dick Wyles


In Honor of Niskayuna Scholars:  Michael Dean, Evan Schnell, Luca Polsinelli and Leo Polsinelli

Ms. Lynn Schnell

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Polsinelli


In Honor of NCFF Founders

Mr. Robert B. Hamilton

Mr. Robert B. Hamilton III


In Honor of Mrs. Cindy Hamilton Phillippe

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Lohnas


In Honor of Mr. Joshua Vinciguerra

Mr. George K. Brown


In Memory of Benjamin F. Bennett

Mr. Douglas M. Bennett


In Memory of Robert Blood

Mr. and Mrs. Embarek Mesbahi


In Memory of Anne Brown

Dr. and Mrs. J. Briggs McAndrews


In Memory of Michael Cascio

Ms. Carol Cascio


In Memory of Glen Davis U.S.M.A 1947, Felix Blanchard U.S.M.A. 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tamoschat


In Memory of Eileen Fox

Ms. Susan A. Braidwood


In Memory of Lisa Holt

Mr. Richard A. Holt


In Memory of Jean and Alex Huggins

Ms. Karen Huggins


In Memory of Bill Lund

Mr. Hugo Irizarry-Quinones and Ms. Sally Arnds-Willette


In Memory of Scott McAndrews

Dr. and Mrs. J. Briggs McAndrews

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Salamone


In Memory of Dr. Robert Pletman

Ms. Susan L. Penny